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Leader Resources


Recruitment - Build the team

Great ways to encourage new members to join the OSAID group:

Have fun!  People like to join something they are going to enjoy.

Inform and invite – tell students why the  group needs them and invite them to  a meeting.

Generate interest and promote – advertise a meeting, plan an event, use social media networks.

Offer incentives – give them something for their efforts (food is always good).

Meet regularly – keep members informed.

Ownership – Assign responsibilities to create a sense of ownership.

Appreciate – Communicate to members that you value what they do.

Emphasize personal achievement – sense of accomplishment and confidence.


Where and when? Ask your Staff Advisor for a good time  and place for a planning meeting.

Communicate to everyone the time, date and place of each meeting. Try to be consistent.

Appoint a leader (President, Chairperson) and Assign responsibilities  (Secretary, Treasurer).

Keep minutes  – a record of your meeting.

Choose the OSAID activity you want to plan for your school. Click HERE to view activity page.

Thank you messages – Send thank you notes, texts, or say thank you in person to all who helped make the event a success.

Social Media – Post activity photos to the OSAID social media feeds.


Use time wisely – meetings should be enjoyable, interesting and constructive

Create an agenda – circulate it to your members prior to the meeting

Meeting reminders – Send reminder texts a day before, day of and 15 min before  the meeting.

View an example of a meeting agenda

If members miss a meeting, inform them about what they have missed.  It really helps if the Secretary makes copies of the minutes and hands them out at the next meeting or emails them prior to the meeting. This is a big job – but someone will enjoy doing it. ASK!

Create an executive

This is an example of one model for running a chapter. Remember to be clear about the responsibilities and focus on getting things done!

President – friendly, team oriented person, working relationship with staff advisor or principal

Vice-President – ideal if they are a returning student and not graduating that year

Secretary – good organizer, listener and has good keyboarding skills

Treasurer – trustworthy, good budgeting and math skills

Running a Meeting

The Chairperson of a meeting is like a responsible driver who steers, accelerates and brakes when necessary and brings the journey to a safe conclusion.

Allow everyone a chance to speak

Stop members who shout out or interrupt someone who is speaking

Don’t allow anyone to be disrespectful of other members ideas

Planning the year of activities

Realistically evaluate your schedule – Review your other commitments to school work, clubs, sports, and decide how much time you REALLY have before you start planning an event.

View an example of an OSAID calendar

View an example of an Activity Planning Checklist

See the OSAID 2014 – 2015 Calendar

OSAID Activities

Contact your OSAID Student regional rep to see what activities are going on in your region

Set up an impaired driving awareness display in the school foyer or display case, local mall

Be part of an existing campaign (i.e. through your local health unit or police services)

Put up anti-impaired driving posters in your school, create flyers, PA announcements

Organize a speaker for a school assembly or classroom presentation (insurance company rep, police/ambulance services/nurse/doctor)

Write an article for your local newspaper “a youth perspective”

Create message using oriented music, visual art


OSAID resources are free to OSAID members:

Provincial Coordinator – Answer your questions and help support your group-check contact us section

Student Regional Representatives – check contact us section

Posters – check the posters section

Banners – Contact OSAID and see what banners are available to borrow.  Shipping costs are your responsibility, or your school could purchase one. Check the banners section

Scholarships – available to OSAID students for their contribution towards the issue of reducing impaired driving – check the scholarships section

Press Release

Using a press release is how you will let the news media know about your event. *Make sure your school has approved the content of the press release before you send it out*

Information to include in a press release:

Date, time and location of the event

Brief explanation of what is happening at the event

Reasons why the event is being held

Who is taking part

Contact name, phone number or email address

Call your local media and explain that you would like to send them a press release and ask where to send it?

Community Connections

Public Health Units/Nurses – may be interested in working with your OSAID group.  Contact your local Health Unit and ask for the name of the nurse in charge of “impaired driving issues”. Tell them you are an OSAID representative and the name and location of your group. Let them know you’d like to stay in contact throughout the year.

View more info

Police Services – local or OPP.  Many are interested in working with OSAID groups.

  • May be willing to assist with activities.
  • May have the Fatal Vision Goggles available for loan, the seatbelt convincer displays and many other resources.
  • Call the main line and ask for the name of the “Community Services Officer” for your area.
  • Once you have made contact keep their name, number and email on file.

IBAO (Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario)have members in every community. Most display the logo in their windows, advertising or go to the IBAO website and click on “Find a Broker” in your area.  Many IBAO members have been involved with OSAID groups.  They have:

  • Sponsored and helped at OSAID events.
  • Sponsored OSAID Conference registration costs for local students to attend.
  • Provided speakers to go into schools to present-effects of driving impaired and insurance.

Other Community Resources

  • Alcohol & Drug Concerns Inc.
    Toll free: 1.877.893.2227
  • Association of Canadian Distillers
    Tel: 613.238.8444
  • CAA Ontario
    Canadian Automobile Association
    Tel: 416.599.2999
  • Canadian Coast Guard
    Boating Safety Information Service
    Toll free: 1.800.267.6687
  • Canadians for Safe & Sober Driving/ADD
    P.O. BOX 397, Station A
    Brampton, ON L6V 2L3
    Tel: 905.793.4233
    Fax: 905.793.7035
  • CODA
    Council on Drug Abuse
    Tel: 416.763.1491
  • Health Canada
    Tel: 416.973.4389
  • Insurance Bureau of Canada
    Toll free: 1.800.387.2880
  • LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario)
    Social Responsibility Department
    Resource Material Requests: 416-864-2598
    Questions: 416-864-6820
  • MADD Canada
    2010 Winston Park Drive, Suite 500
    Oakville, Ontario L6H 5R7
    Phone: 905-829-8805/Toll Free: 1-800-665-6233
  • Ministry of Transport
    For information related to Drivers and Vehicles, call 1.800.387.3445
    General inquiries, call 1.800.268.4686
    Ontario Physical and Health Education Association
    Toll free: 1.888.446.7432