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Scholarships and Certificates



Awarded for outstanding contribution to OSAID chapters and awareness raising work in school and the community.
IBAObipper-magentaasPNG01The IBAO Anna Pyles Memorial Scholarship: One $1,000 scholarship offered to students who will be graduating in June.  Click here for full details.

CONGRATULATIONS to Jess Coombs, winner of the Anna Pyles Memorial Scholarship for 2016.





The AVIVA Start Up Scholarship: Offered to students who have played a significant role in starting an OSAID group at their schools.  Click here for full details.

CONGRATULATIONS to Hannah Diamond, winner of the 2016 AVIVA Start Up Scholarship.






The IBAO Anna Pyles Memorial Scholarship:   Click here for full details. 
The AVIVA Start Up Scholarship:  Click here for full details.


OSAID operates due to the generous number of volunteer hours given to its cause. OSAID recognizes that it is important to acknowledge the hours spent serving the community and offers certificates to recognize that effort. It’s our way of saying a very big, “Thank you!”

OSAID offers three certificates:

Certificates are available upon request to OSAID.