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Anne Marie Hayes – The Sweet Life Road Show
905 569 6140

"Thanks! I would never learn this anywhere else! " Mississauga high school student

Anne Marie Hayes is a former teacher, corporate trainer and a certified driving instructor. She is the author of ‘3 Keys to Keeping Your Teen Alive: Lessons for Surviving the First Year of Driving.’ She serves on the Board of Directors for National Organizations for Youth Safety in Washington, DC and is a member of 6 international road safety organizations including the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals.


The Sweet Life Road Show is available in two formats:

Kevin Brooks
(604) 240-3958

Kevin Brooks is the most phenomenal speaker I can imagine for teens. If our students ever hear one speaker in their lives, it needs to be him. I truly believe he reaches and impacts our students like no one else can.

Jodi Abel, Teacher & SADD Advisor, Weyburn Comprehensive School, Saskatchewan

Kevin Brooks knows all too well the consequences of impaired and dangerous driving – he lives with them every day. From his wheelchair, Kevin tells the story of a typical booze filled Saturday night that suddenly turned tragic with the poor decision to drive drunk – the result a horrific crash. A wheelchair bound paraplegic, Kevin no longer enjoys the past times he once lived for like skateboarding, snowboarding, hockey and countless others. Yet he never let the car crash be an end, but rather a new beginning.

Kevin lived to tell his story and in just seven years, his story has reached over 200,000 students across North America. Kevin has been the keynote speaker at numerous conferences, including CYAID, OSAID and SADD. In 2007 he appeared on The Tyra Show episode “Teens on the Edge: A Wake Up Call.  Kevin’s story has and will continue to change people’s lives.

Danae's Song

Danae’s Song
(306) 931-2112

I am pleased to endorse what I personally think is the best orchestrated presentation aimed at drunk driving prevention.

Steve Shannon, Community Relations Director (CJWW, HOT 93, MAGIC 98 Radio), Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This “reality-based” presentation is a 90 minute tribute to the life and death of Danae. Ashton Grace Dupuis. Sixteen year old Danae, was the front seat passenger, killed in a drunk driving collision on October 3rd, 2000. This public awareness program is phenomenal as Danae’s mom; Cheryl passionately reaches out to share the whole story of Danae’s life and death. It presents a new perspective to impaired driving issues facing both young people and adults. From birth through adolescence, she will take you on a journey into a parent’s worst nightmare. You will experience the desperate emotions of a mother, described in detail. From the telephone call, to the hospital nightmare and finally, to the cemetery, you will witness the entire tragedy from a mother’s perspective.  Near the end of the program, Cheryl will display the sheared clothing that Danae wore the night of the accident. Students just having met Danae, will now begin to grieve her loss.

Over the past 10 years, Cheryl has reached more than 125,000 students across Canada and the United States with Danae’s Song.

Sara Westbrook

Sara's UPower Presentation was simply "the best"! Our students were moved by her message and truly captured by her magic. Through her life story, song and talk, Sara guided our students to a deeper understanding of life choices and goals. She is a living inspiration.

M Hanna, Principal, Delaware, ON

“Each of us has the UPower to Create an Extraordinary Life by the Choices we Choose to make.”– Sara Westbrook my voice your choice.  After being introduced to a series of motivational courses at the tender age of 11, Sara Westbrook was hooked on the tools necessary for living an extraordinary life. She realized that no matter what happened to her she was responsible for the choices she made from those circumstances.

Sara possesses the unique ability to share life changing insights through music & speech with humour, enthusiasm and passion. Thousands have benefited and have been impacted by Sara’s openness, wisdom and sincerity. Her UPower concerts have been heralded as a unique way to develop, to inspire, to share with audiences practical tools to help them understand and appreciate the power of choice.

Sara Westbrook

Michelle Golebiowski

For more information including booking and contact info please visit:

Michelle Golebiowski or “Michelle Go” is an enthusiastic Public Relations specialist with over a decade of experience communicating professionally with the public as an advocate for road safety and occupational health & safety.  Driven to succeed and powered by people, Michelle brings a strong voice to her passion for public speaking, specializing in road safety advocacy and mental health awareness. (more…)

Greg Drew – Jammin’ 4 Jay

“In my years at VMC, this was the most powerful presentation I have ever witnessed. An honest, direct, effective, heart-wrenching presentation. If this talk doesn't make students (and adults) smarter, better drivers, nothing will.”

Teacher – Vincent Massey Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB

Greg Drew – Telling it like it is

Retired veteran firefighter Greg Drew has seen more than his share of roadside carnage during his decades of public service. As a fire fighter, he has often faced the grim task of attending and assisting in situations involving serious bodily injury and trauma. But despite his many years of experience, nothing could have fully prepared him for  the sight of witnessing his own son Jay trapped inside a car after a high speed crash. Greg takes his audiences through the crash scene from the unique perspective of both fire fighter and father, from crash scene to hospital ward, the place where he held his son’s hand as he watched his son take his last breath. Greg makes it clear to his audiences the ripple effect that occurs when a young life is so tragically lost; how it affects not only family and friends, but the entire community. He has made it his personal mission to tell Jay’s story as a cautionary tale to illustrate how wrong choices can have devastating, permanent consequences. Greg’s presentations empower his audiences with the tools they need to get out of unsafe situations involving vehicles and driving.

“Tickle the Dream – and if enough of us tickle the dream all together at the same time –  I bet we can make it laugh out loud.” Greg Drew

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